Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Heaven on Earth continue...

I promise in my previous blog  to continue about my previous journey to the place that I like to call "Heaven on Earth" ..

Before I start, I just want to keep my memory in this blog, about my recent update..   I just got my Master Degree in Computer Science.. another life KPI checked.. did the study just to fill up my time and learn new things.. now I start thinking of taking certification in Law, as my current work requires me to look into Malaysian Law from time to time..  
Wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... done it!!!
Ok.. back to my journey to Semporna Islands... after we left Mabul Island, we stayed at Semporna Town for another 2 days.. we then went for Islands Hopping.. visit one island to another.. the first island was Bohey Dulang... derived from bohi (bohey) meaning water and dulong or dulang meaning plate-like water vessel. This refers either to the series of pools on the slopes of the island, or to the main saltwater lagoon (Piper, 1981; Guntavid & Galaip, 1998).

There's a legend about a beautiful Princess named Salamia who occupied the place until now.. but luckily when we went there, we didn't find her.. but the place is breathtaking.. if you get the chance to go there, please take the 30 mins climb to the hill to view the beautiful islands around it.. your agent should arrange the permit to get into the island.. there will be a guide to bring you to the top of the hill.. it's for your safety as there's no one live on the island..

breathtaking view...
Next, we stopped at another island - Mantabuan Island.. again, I'm in heavennnnn (^_^) ... no one live on this island either.. but there were few sea Bajau people live around the island.. they live on  boat and move around from island to island.. because of the islands are really close to each other, the ocean is shallow with lots of corals .. you need a permit to come here as it's a preserve area.. it's so clean and the water is so clear.. we take our time to adore the beautiful scenery in front of us, and enjoying the time snorkelling and taking photos.. no one else were there, we got the whole island to ourselves... lovely!!!!

I wrote this quote when I'm in the boat to another island:

"Life is awesome.. if you stop running , everything around you will start to look and feel beautiful .. so stop.. take a moment, look around you.. the people around you .. the lovely sun rise.. feel the joy .. and you'll agree with what I said" ..

Magai Island is the next destination .. this small island has around 50-100 population of Bajau people (sea people) .. some of them build their house on the water, and some on the beach.. we brought some food, clothes and cookies for the people, and they were so excited to get it.

Magai Island
My camera is out of battery at this time... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. it was such a wasteeeee.. so I have to kidnap some photos from my friend's camera..

Distributing donations on a boat.. a wonderful experience (Picture credit to Padil Othman - a professional photographer)
"They might not have what we have .. but they must not forget, they are gifted with this beautiful life given by the sea .. They might not have any gadget, not even electricity, but the heavenly ocean view with lots of heavenly islands .. is the greatest gift of all" ..

I wish I can do more...

The place was also shown in this video clip by Stacy:

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Heaven on Earth..

I took a medical leave today because my body has this itchy rashes .. not sure what allergy, or reason, but it sure made my hand busy scracthing.. took a medicine this morning, and been sleeping for few hours ..

So, where my journey this month??

I went to the most beautiful place I ever been .. the islands in Semporna.. it was so superb, I don't have to do anything but just admiring the beautiful beaches and scenary..

I love the beach, ocean and the creatures inside it.. by this time, you must've realized the journey i've been mostly to the island.. Perhentian Island, Redang, Lang Tengah are located in Terengganu (been to all of it) .. thinking to visit Tioman Island (will be there one day) .. and Sabah Islands..This time, the journey was more towards spending time with friends ... only did one dive this time, but the snorkeling and hanging out with friends were enough to keep me smiling until now ..

Semporna is located about one hour journey from Tawau (where your flight will land if you come from KL) .. it's a small town but busy with lots of sea activities.. it's more likely a fisherman town, so do expect smelly environment of fish.. but once you're on the boat to any of its island, you'll be amazed on how blue the skies is, white clouds and clear ocean .. it's really really clear it makes lots of colors, light blue, dark blue, turqoise .. beautiful ..

Ok, let's talk a bit about  the journey .. we went in a big group, but just enough to fit in 1 boat to travel with the kids .. really nice and funny people to be around, I would go anywhere with this group over and over again .. they are also one of the reason why the journey was such a memorable one ..

We took the 7am flight from LCCT (Air Asia) straight to Tawau .. reached Tawau around 9.30am, transportation was arranged earlier to take us to Semporna .. oh ya, forgot to mention, this journey was arranged by Rina (local people and friend of us) and Padil Othman (another friend who always traveled to Semporna for work) ... so THANK YOU so MUCH to them for the arrangement.. back to the journey .. about 1 hour in the car, we reached Semporna, and straight away had our lunch at the local restaurant..

We were surprised by a group of kids asking for food .. asking for my left-over fried fish that I'm about to throw away .. I don't know how to feel, and so does my friends.. so we end up buying them food, giving them what ever food we can provide and we can see from their face how happy they are.. they are just small kids and hungry..
Bajau kids eating our left-over lunch
But then we move on.. sad that we couldn't do much for them.. I did wish I can take one and bring back home with me .. put him/her in to school and give proper life.. but again, who am I to say that my life is better than them?? who am I to say that I'm happier than them.. these innocent children probably happier in their own way.. they smile and run everywhere without any problem.. They will be ok as long as they stay here in this small town .. don't go out in this crazy world.. sometimes simple life is better than our hectic life.. I'm not complaining about my current life, i love how my life is set by Allah.. What I'm trying to say is that, happiness is in your heart, not your pocket, your car, your bank etc.. you have to be happy, because life is too complicated not too.. ;) anyway .. i don't expect you to think like me though.. hehehheee..

After few arrangements with the travel agency.. signing few papers, money exchange hands .. we took a boat to Mabul Island, the first island we going to stay for the day..
Mabul Island
The place that we stayed more like a squatters area where local Bajau people stayed.. Mabul is widely known for its expensive places to stay .. they have few beautiful places to stay that were built on the water that can cost up to RM1000 per night per head.. we stayed at Seahorse Sipadan, like a backpackers lodge that probably cost us around RM100 per night.. it includes breakfast , lunch and dinner.. not bad, and I don't mind staying like a backpacker .. I slept in worst places, so this is ok.. :)

The water is so clear although there's lots of trash in it.. you'll feel like staying in someone else backyard, so what do you expect.. trashes all over the place.. I didn't go to the toilet in the morning to do my ritual business due to that.. hahahahaaa .. but again, I'm not complaining because I used to it.. and the people here are local people .. they don't have TV, hardly have electricity ... so if you didn't pay RM1000 per night, don't expect too much from the place .. BUT .. I can assure you that the snorkelling was worth it.. they'll bring you to nice places where you can see turtle and other creatures.. it was awesome!!!!

First Snorkeling - Kapalai Resort

2nd Snorkeling - Lobster Wall

Mabul and Semporna Islands also known as divers' heaven .. the climax place of course Sipadan Island.. didn't go there this time.. maybe next diver's trip .. this trip is more like an introduction to the place.. getting to know the people and fishes.. ;)

I did one dive with friends taking the Discovery Dive (for beginners) .. and one dive with other divers.. not really the best experience but it was lots of fun to see my friends trying this sport .. they probably will be a real diver soon.. hopefully :D

That's it.. our short journey to Mabul.. but the whole journey didn't end yet.. this is only the first 2 days.. 2 more beautiful days to continue.. will write again in the next blog..

Good Bye Mabul.. We'll meet again!!!!!