Friday, 13 April 2012

Jepun.. Eh Japan ...

We have been tought about the history of Japan invading Malaysia through Thailand by bicycle in 1941 .. it has been planted in our mind on how cruel and inhuman the Japanese towards the local people... I never  experienced Japan at this time (not born yet) but there were few times when I was young, my elders were talking about it .. the suffering they've been through, no food, no rice, eats potato everyday,  and fear of beheading neighbour told me that they need to bury the body using straw mat if someone died at that time.. it was like hell for them .. I'm glad that we don't have to be in that position and I really believe that violence only happened in the past (as we can't change it) and should never ever happen now, anywhere in this world .. I still can't believe why certain human like to kill other people just for power and money.. we will die too one day .. money and power won't give us anything once we're dead .. so why must we make that as our main goal .. huishhhhh (eh terbebel plak) .. hehehee .. jauhi rasuah, insya Allah tenang jiwa.. aminnnnn.. (saying this as a guide to myself) ..

ok .. now is the real story .. the history is over and Japan has changed tremendously after the World war II .. they don't even have soldiers anymore (or that's what I heard) .. I finally got a chance to visit Japan, last year in Dec 2011.. no snow yet at the time ... saddddddd face but that's ok..
.. I always love this view everytime on a plane..
Reached Japan in the morning, I was so surprise with the attitude of their workers.. we heard about how serious they are in term of working, but never seen it myself.. it started with the people who work with the bus company .. they really respect the customer, help me with the bags and bow to give respect .. I really didn't deserve that, pleasee .. don't do that .. I almost want to say that!! I immediately felt welcome and amazed on how friendly they are .. 

I went to Japan 1 day early before my conference start .. I want to take the chance going places, and I got the best experience ever.. hahahaha .. lost in Shinjuku Train Station.. the station is big and confusing and busy and lots more .. too much for a new beginner like me to start with.. and with the writing and symbols that I don't understand, I forgive myself for being lost.. hahahaa .. we have to be stupid first in order to be good, right?
It was raining heavily when I arrived .. in a bus from the airport to Shinjuku
Japan is a place where you can see men wearing suits (suitttt uppppp - barney stinson) .. and the ladies wearing short skirts (in the cold weather.. OMG!!!) .. it's like a fashion place with cute men and women.. 
Shinjuku Stattion -.. hahahaha try to understand that!!!
The automatic toilet - all use a wave of hand and the seat was warm .. nice feeling while doing business.. hahahahaa
My first stop after leaving my bags in Shinjuku station, is Shibuya.. looking for Hachiko and the Shibuya crossing.. the busiest crossing ever .. 
walking around in the rain .. observing my surrounding
me, Maya and Hachiko on the last day in Japan .. see the cute girl behind me .. she looks like an anime character..
After really, really tired walking and observing people and enjoying the moment .. it's time to go to Kak Niza's house (my sister's friend who studied in Japan) .. lost for almost an hour looking for my bag in Shinjuku (again!!!!) ..hahahaha after lots of asking around, headache and almost really tired, I finally find it.. yeehaaaaaa ... took a train to Kak Niza's house in Gyotoku and Kak Niza & Abg Nizam already waited for me there.. Abg Nizam is my schoolmate's brother (Budiman Hamidi, for those who knew him) .. they are like a family friend as our whole family knew his family and we're from the same village .. i really appreciate the food Kak Niza brought for me once I'm in their car.. she knew that I'd probably very hungry and I was actually.. hahahahaaa ..

I really enjoyed the time spent at Kak Niza's house .. I learnt to make sushi.. yahooooo .. now I know how and have made it a few times after coming back to Malaysia .. it's easy and yummy and you can really put basically anything in it..

My first sushi in the making ... Awesommmmmmmmeeeeeee ... thanks Kak Niza!!!
Me and Kak Niza with the BMW .. hahahaha  took the chance to cycle around .. really a journey to remember
Oh my... it's almost 2pm.. need to pick up Adam from school .. got to go .. more photos on the way!!!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

April Blues ...

This is what happen when I have a blog .. lazy updating it.. muahahahah .. always find reasonnsssssss not to write.. finally today I decided to write something for April ..but April is just 2 weeks, I might write another blog before end of this month..

Lets start with today .. 11 April 2012 .. at 5pm (or somewhere that time) .. I was taking a nap with Hud when my sister (Kak Ti) called from kampung (my hometown) and said that earthquake is happening at that time .. when she called, she can still feel the shaking.. so the chaos and panic start .. we waited for the news in the internet .. fear that the disaster in 2004 will happen again.. at the moment (9.33pm) nothing happen yet.. but everyone is still in alert mode.. preparing for the worst..

what else happened this few weeks ..

I went to Cranberries Concert.. although not many songs I remembered, but at least I know how to sing Zombie.. hahahaha .. also they sang Linger, Ridiculous and a few more that I know (the chorus).. ahhahahaa so I can still sing along.. I got a free ticket given by my sister's boyfriend who works in NTV7 .. so he normally got a free ticket .. I think, I can ask from Telco for the ticket, but I realized that it's not a right thing to do.. and my sister's boyfriend need to be nice to me, in order to date my sister.. hahahahahaha (it's not related actually, I just made it up).. hahaha ..

some nice photos I took because I got a nice spot during the concert.. Thank You Yusri!!! next time bagi lagi ye.

My free ticket - Rock Zone RM0.00

Dolores ... from Cranberries

My friends ...

It's not our group if no photos..  :D

At the end of the show.. love it!!!!
Opppsss I forgot something.. before we went to the show, we stop by at Pavilion to celebrate Mashimaro's birthday .. (ok.. her real name is Mashitah .. but we like to call her in many names) .. hehehehee ampunnnn ye Mash..

And of course, the camwhoring session starts there ..lots and lots of laughter!!!

few of the crazy photos.. hahahaha

Oooooo before I forgot.. I got the key to my new house!!! finally!!!! after waiting since January, I finally have my house.. OMG!! its such a lovely feelings.. it still is until now..  but the excitement of decorating my house has to be in slowmode due to financial issue .. but it's not really a problem.. i just have to take it slowly .. at the moment, still haven't made my mind on the kitchen and grill .. just finish installing the lights and fan.. I'm happy with the result and my choice on the lightings.. :D

some photos on my new apartment:

next building is still under construction

view from my house

the kids playing at the show unit..

That's long enough .. will write more later .. (can't promise when .. hehehehe ) ...

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