Sunday, 30 December 2012

End of 2012 ... this is it!!

Tomorrow will be the last day of 2012... I hope 20 years from now, my blog is still around for me to read it and to remember this day.. Alone at my new home, watching Masterchef 3 where Christine and Becky made it to the Top 3, and Frank & Josh going to pressure test.. by the time I wrote this, it's break time, so .. let's see by the time I finish writing, if we can find out which one of them made it to Top 3 ..

What's going to my life this year:

1.  .................................. (i cut this out but I want to leave this part to myself) -- some mystery for uols to guess.. hehehehhe ...

2. Finished my master in Computer Science.. not an easy task but I challenged myself the last 2 years, and I completed it.. not with flying colors.. and with some tears .. but I made it..

3. Did my advance diving certificate at Pulau Dayang .. Love the experience each and every dive.. Vomit 3 times in the water while diving at Perhentian (totally a new experience) .. not really a nice feeling, but definitely a good experience..

==> by this time, Josh and Frank cook for their life in Masterchef 3 - they need to cook 3 type of souffle in 60 secs.. Good luck to both of them!! continue with the writing..

4. Went to Prague this year.. stop for few days in London for holiday .. Love the experience.. Alhamdulillah for that great chance!!!

5. Had a memorable memories in Mabul & islands around it.. love it .. love the memories, love the friends that went together .. love the scenery.. everything!! perfect holiday with perfect group of friends.. but has to go there again for diving experience..

==>> And JOSH made it!!!!! I kind of like him.. a humble person, and a good cook!!! I don;t want to google who won, but it will ruin the surprise.. hehehee

Newton Run 30 Dec 2012
6. Run 7 race this year.. from Malakoff, Multipurpose Run, Penang Bridge International Marathon, and few more.. just finish one this morning, Newton Run at Bandar Kinrara.. a 12 km run (or jog + walk) .. hahahaha ..

Malakoff Run, Bukit Kiara (lots of hills.. ahhhhh)

Penang Bridge International Marathon

Penang Bridge

Newton Run!!!

7. Did I mentioned about my new home?? hehehehe .. something that I'm proud of.. and again, I am so blessed and can't thank my Creator enough for all the good things He gave to me this year..

Lots more happening this year.. like every month I have something or somewhere to go .. most of it, diving holiday.. went to Perhentian 3 times this year, then to Pulau Dayang, Mabul, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Penang, Johor..

It's been few months with no diving activities due to monsoon season from November to February.. we are kind of ready for next year opening season, however, I already book 2 trips in February and May.. therefore, I might take a break from diving next year.. unless until end of June .. need to save some money for the other 2 trips .. can't wait for 2013.. (although it means I'm a year older... running as old lady now.. muahahahhahaa ).. and I pray to Allah everyday, to make me not to forget Him, and be near to Him everyday... I'm not to good at it, but I'm trying my best..

Hope 2013 will be as best as this year, if not better!!!!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Istanbul Aku Datang!!!!!

Yupppp.. wait for meee, Istanbul...

Surpriseeeeee.. I bought a ticket to Istanbul.. in February!!!! Counting the days now.. wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... sooo excited about it and spending most of my time over the internet looking for tips, places, bus ticket, boat, places to stay, and not to forget, Couchsurfing.. but I will talk about Istanbul in my blog here once I'm back ok.. so you have to wait for it..

What I'm going to write today, is about the movie "Istanbul, Aku Datang!!!" .. first of all, out of 5, I can only give 2 points.. I don't like it!!! so childish.. I think they were trying to do like Indonesian movie, fun and cheeky .. but sorry, maybe I'm too old for this kind of movie.. and I think it's not suitable for Malaysia's audience whom mostly Muslim... I don't think I can watch this with my nephew of nieces.. really not appropriate.. If we watch American or European movies, it's easier to explain, they are non-muslim, so it's ok for them to do whatever they want .. but when they saw Malays and Muslim acting what shown in this movie, it's very hard for me to explain to my niece.. so I end up not watching it till the end.. what a waste of RM15 paying Astro to subscribe it..

But again, this is my personal opinion.. up to you to judge it.. ;)
However, I do like Lisa's wardrobe .. sweet...
Watch it??? Subscribe it??? Wait for free one la.. tahun depan raya sure keluar.. hehehehe
Fall in love in one night? possible or not????? hehehe

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Run a little, Eat a Lot!!!!

How's my blog title? Do you find it funny?? it does for me.. hahahaa
because we did run just 10km, but we ate like 10kg of food.. hahahahhaa (again).. hahahaaa

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) had been our yearly event for 2 years now. We started join the event in 2011, and repeat the race this year.. but actually, we did it as a friend's vacation rather than for the run. As Penang is so famous with its food, and myself, stayed in Penang for more than 5 years, made me always want to come back to this state .. just to go down the memories lane, and at the same time, enjoying the cheap but yummy food..

So the journey starts with a stop @Kuala Sepetang for its Mee Udang ..
Ordered Fried Rice, and orange juice.

They have Wireless Village provided by the government

Mak Jah Mee Udang
In term of the taste, I think I like Mee Udang Penang better. I think their Mee Udang were made earlier and just wait for people to order.. so it's not as fresh as I want it to be.. but it's famous, so I believe it depends on your preferences..

Next I went to Penang and of course, I have to get my all-time favorite, Ayu Mee Udang ..
Forgot how much it cost, but around RM12 per person
 I always love Ayu Mee Udang.. it's tasty and sweet.. i know sometimes your taste might be different than me, so don't blame me if you tried this and didn't agree with me.. hahahaa.. another thing, I believe why i love this place also because of the memories it bring together.. this was the place I spent time with my friends while i'm in Penang.. we always hang out and come here for our mee udang.. so, that's another reason why it taste better than other place.. ;)
Of all the mee udang available, i still love Ayu's the most..
Ayu Mee Udang is located at Gertak Sanggul, Penang. How to get there: go to Batu Uban after Bayan Lepas and then you can see a signboard Gertak Sanggul on your left.. take that turn, then go straight, take the second junction on your right, and take another right turn just after that.. you can see Ayu Mee Udang by now..

Sany Char Koey Teow
 Next one, of course, my favourite Char Koey Teow and the one I love is Sany Char Koey Teow in Tokong Ular, Bayan Lepas.. just before the airport.. love this.. ;)

Penang Char Koey Teow.. looks yummy isn't it?
When I stayed in Penang last 10 yrs, Sani Char Koey Teow always been a place we hang out to have our nice fried noodle.. but there was another place near Sunshine Square that I used to go.. but I'm not sure if it's still open or not now..
Laksa Teluk Bahang
Kelapa Madu.. you have to try this with the lovely Laksa

Laksa Teluk Bahang
Lastly, before we went back to KL, we stopped by at Teluk Bahang, to get our Laksa .. how to get there, hmmmm .. go straight to Batu Feringghi.. until you reached Hard Rock Cafe, Penang.. go further up until you see a shop under a big tree.. it's in front of Tropical Spice Garden..

I think I  write long enough for this time.. just before I end this, I would like to tell about another place I discovered with my mom in Parit Buntar.. 1Malaysia Shop .. the menu is simple, but I love it because of its simplicity.. nice place to have lunch!!

I let the picture do the talking because it's late and i'm sleepy.. take care and see you again later..

Ikan keli masak ranum.. hehehehe

Talapia Goreng

The location..

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Football Fever .. Piala Suzuki AFF 2012

I was about to go to bed, but it's been a while I didn't wrote anything in my blog.. so let's take some time writing.. because I love reading it in future..

This morning I went to a "talk" about internet safety and I have been reminded again and again about information that we put on the internet can be use against us (if there's a bad guy trying to do so).. yes, I do agree with this tips.. it's a good one.. but I do love blogging and writing.. so I told myself to be extra careful on what I put on the net, and also never put my personal details.. only stories like this and photos.. and pray that no one would do harm on this information.. :)

So back to the title of this write-up .. it's football fever time and tonight we lost to Thailand with aggregate of 3-1 for Semi Final of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012. We won the last round in 2010. The game tonight was not too good.. compared to Thailand and although I do support my country no matter what, but I think Thailand deserved to be in the Final because they played really well tonight.. beautiful passing, attack and defend while Malaysia was everywhere but rarely get the ball..

But I don't want to say much, because I'm not a footballer .. i just love my country and love what football did to the country.. PERPADUAN .. UNITED .. we unite as one due to football and the country need that..

Some photos taken with friends during the fight with Thailand last Sunday (1st round in Stadium Bukit Jalil)

Football Field - Bukit Jalil

Malaysia's Supporters!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Kidzania, Kuala Lumpur

Don't know where to bring your kids this school holiday? Why don't you try Kidzania, just beside IKEA in Damansara.. They have 2 sessions - 10am till 3pm, and 4pm till 9pm... but don't be there at 10am.. be there at 9am!!!!! because they start opening it at 9.30am.. so just enough time for you to get the ticket, and then go for breakfast, and after that, the joy begins..

I was actually thinking to go to work today, although it's actually public holiday.. while I was just lazying on my bed, my sister knocked my door and asked for a favor.. She promised her kids that she will take them today, but seems like she can't keep it.. As I don't really have any plan, I volunteered to take them there...
So at 8.30am we're out from the house, and reached Kidzania around 9.15am.. the timing was just nice, but we were so hungry, so we have no choice but to eat inside the building.. so as any other theme park, it's not cheap .. so next time, I must make sure we eat nasik lemak special with chicken, which going to cost us less than RM10 before entering the Kidzania.. hahahahaa

Ok, ticket for the theme park :

RM 55 for 4 to 17 yrs old
RM 35 for Adult accompanying the kids
Free for toddlers.. forgot the price for 2 to 4 yrs.. but I think you can get from Kidzania website for more info :

Make sure your kids wear proper covered shoes .. no slippers.. it's not too bad if your kids wear slippers, but there are some activities that requires them to wear proper covered shoes like climbing the wall..

Lots of activities there for the kids.. the famous one, of course the Fire Dept..

The firemen on duty.. 
Another spot is the Secret Agent and the Pilot.. annnnddddd we went during a school holiday, and to make it worst, it was also a public holiday.. hmmmmm you can imagine how many people were there.. it was packed.. we need to queue almost 1 hour for the pilot and the fire Bridget.. however, my nephews and niece were not really into queuing for longer than 30 mins, they decided to try other stuff:

They said this one was superb!!!
The queue to the Secret Agent training was not long, so they queued for about 20 mins for this.. still bearable and of course after a few warning not to change lines again.. hahahahaa ... they ended up loving this activity so much!! worth the waiting... tips: your kids must be minimum 120cm tall..

CSI, Policemen and Firemen on duty
CIMB Money Mover (aka security guard on duty)
In Jail with sad faces.. hahahaha
School of X, Notebook Factory and Fashion Show
Air Asia, Ambulance and the view inside Kidzania
They also have Lounge for parents (or nanny.. that's me) with Internet
Final show saying Good bye...

What I learned from this trip:

1. Enter the kidzania, and straight to the pilot or the firemen spot.. hahahaha ..
2. Wear shoes, not slippers
3. Bring water .. or go to the SeaMaster's factory to get one..
4. Eat heavy first thing in the morning, so that you save some bucks .. the food inside the premise make you feel like you're in Genting Highland.
5. Go early in the morning, easy to find a parking spot .. going out at 4pm, err not so easy, but the good thing is, you're already going home.. imagine if you just arrive at 4pm???
6. Tapau finger food / snacks for the kids.. they were hungry but don't want to stop to eat, so I have to tapau and feed them while they were queuing..
7. If you can, go during weekdays .. as you'll get the whole day pass and you can try all the activities you want.. :D

hmmm.. that's it I think.. 

Wahai hati .. berhati-hatilah...

I want to write about my trip to Kidzania today, but a little lazy..
So probably about that later...

Currently, my heart is not following my head .. it's in its course now although i've been trying hard to not be in that same position I was last 3 years ..

Why????????? Why him??? why??

Tolong la Fyda.. please don't do this anymore.. be strong.. be stronger than before ya.. you're not young anymore...

Monday, 5 November 2012

Pulau Dayang, Johor

Last month, I went to Pulau Dayang .. (sounds boring isn't it)??? hahahahaha like "who cares you went to Dayang??" .. hahahahaa .. that's my starting line.. soooooooooooo bad..

I'm not good in writing.. I'm not good in starting my lines .. and my vocab were very low.. I don't event know what's certain words means like vis-a-vis? what is that? hahahaa..

anyway.. life is kind of boring right now.. just got a new big boss and he's an old man.. like any other old man, they need to feel important.. enough said.. just go with the flowwwwwww... opsss.. I was suppose to talk about Pulau Dayang, right? sorrry..

I'll talk about it later la.. hehehehe .. ;)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Adam Dan Hawa

Malaysia is stormed by this new drama series called Adam dan Hawa.. It was adopted from a famous book by a writer name Aisya Sofea..

I love this drama.. that's a problem with me, don't let me fall in love with drama .. it will keep haunting me where ever i go.. the story is simple .. but sweet.. with my sweet and colorful heart, I can easily fall in love with the characters...
The handsome Aaron Aziz as Adam and the plain but sweet Nadia Nissa as Ain Hawani

The cover page.. hehehehee

Seputih Cinta Am pada Ain.. (soooooo sweett XOXO)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Semporna Video

Video by my friend - Bett Botak aka Zulhilmi for our trip last few months..

Remember I wrote about Heaven on earth? This is a video version.. Love it!!!!!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Walking in Praha (Prague), Czech Republic

I had a wonderful moment in Praha or Prague from 24 - 29th June 2012 .. I went there for work, of course.. couldn't afford to go there myself .. luckily it was summer, so longer day time.. my meeting start about 9am and ends about 6pm.. so I took one of the day to walk in the morning (like 5am) to see the sun rise .. and few days after 7pm to explore the city at night..

Prague for me is really a great place to visit.. it's beautiful and full of history..

I'm a little lazy to write at the moment.. so I'm just gonna copy and paste some writeup i made for a forum regarding Prague.. it's in Malay though..


Perjalanan saya adalah dari Kuala Lumpur -> Frankfurt -> Prague..  sesampai di Prague, saya dah dipesan, tak yah tukar duit, just withdraw dari ATM jek.. jadi sebelum pegi tu, jgn lupa aktifkan kad ATM untuk pengeluaran di luar negara.. sampai sana tetiba x leh kuar, x ke naya.. hahahaha ..

so dari airport, sila ambik teksi yang ada kat situ jek.. jgn ambik teksi di luar sbb kat Prague nih pesanan orang katanya diorang suka amik kesempatan.. dalam dok berjaga tu, kena jugak.. patutnya tambang teksi kena 660Czk (kat resit), tapi dia mintak 700Czk..  pikir2 balik, tak pe la.. kasik tips .. kiranya dalam RM110 total dari airport ke Old Town Prague .. huh, mahai jugak rupanya .. hahahahaa

untuk yang pergi sendiri, boleh ambik train rasanya dari airport, tapi saya nih sbb pi company tanggung, naik jek la teksi..

Saya dok di Old Town Prague.. Prague terbahagi kepada 2 bahagian, old town dan new town .. kalau pi holiday sendiri, better dok old town sbb semua attraction ada kat sini.. duduk hostel jek kalau pi backpacking.. ada la sembang2 yg beberapa backpakers, diorang duduk Ritchie's Hostel .. ok kata diorang hostel nih.. so kalau nak pi, boleh la google2 tengok hostel nih .. bebetui terletak di center of attraction ..

So sebelum saya start bekerja esoknya, saya ambik kesempatan untuk berjalan2 .. saya agak aktif dalam Couchsurfing, so saya post kat website tu 2-3 hari sebelum sampaitanya sapa nak teman saya jalan2 .. so dapat la 2 orang (1 dari India dan 1 dari Aussie) teman saya jalan2 hari tu .. diorang pun tourist la jugak, hardcore backpackers, so diorang ajar saya ambik Free Tour.. rupanya banyak negara2 kat Europe nih yang boleh ambik Free Tour .. tak de la free sangat pun, but berbaloi.. kiranya macam nih, diorang yg buat kerja nih based on tips.. jadi kalau puas hati kita bagi tips.. kalau x puas hati, senyap2 hilangkan diri masa tour tu .. so diorang yg kerja nih akan buat bebetui.. and trust me, they are good sbb diorang bekerja utk tips.. tak de la seperti tourguide yg cakap pun x de tone tapi gaji lumayan ye dak.. hahahaha .. mmg worth it ambik free tour, i would highly recommend ..

mana nak dapatkan tour guide free nih? - jawapannya di Old Town Square, berdepan dengan the famous astronomy clock..

This is Keith.. he provide a free tour service around Prague.. yup, you read it right, it's a free tour.. but you might be thinking, well, nothing is free in this world anymore, how he make a living .. the answer is, people like Keith are working for tips.. if you like his service, you tip him.. else, you can quietly release yourself from the group in the middle of the tour.. that's how it works.. i like that idea, because Keith is really good.. he really work hard for the tip and you'll feel that he's worth every penny.. a couple i met during this tour told me that previous day, they took a trip with a travel agency and the tour guide sucks.. and they paid double of what they paid Keith for his tips.. so guys, if you ever in Prague, look for Keith and his green umbrella in front of the famous clock.. his schedule is 10.30am for the town tour, and 1.30 pm for the castle tour..

- to be continue -

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ramadhan's here again..

Today is the first day of Ramadhan.. most of the people in the world knows that Ramadhan is a month for the muslim, like me, to fast.. we don't eat and drinks for the whole day.. from dawn till dusk.. the good thing about living in Malaysia during fasting month, the time is always around 6.30 am till 7.30pm.. it might change a few minutes earlier or later, but always in that range of time.. in other country, it really depends on the season.. and for this year, Ramadhan fall on Summer Season.. hmmmmmm longer day time .. so be strong my friends in other European or American countries .. i'm sure you can do it!!! :D  remember the Eid in Syawal, and you'll be ok..

Photo from Google Search

Ramadhan is a holy month for Muslim.. as were told by Quran,  a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, a number of other days. Allah desires for you ease; He desires not hardship for you; and that you should complete the period, and that you should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that perhaps you may be thankful (Wikipedia).

I'm really blessed to be in a family that still have religious value .. we were trained to fasting since I was 9yrs old.. and nowadays, I traveled around the world, meet lots of people, being around people (muslim and non muslim).. most of the time, I feel so blessed that although i'm not really a religious person, but my family always guide me if they think i'm a little bit lost in my daily journey.. i'm pretty sure if i don't have them in my life, i wouldn't be able to feel the beautiful of ramadhan and eid and tarawikh and many others.. i probably drag to the other way of life.. Islam is about the beauty in your heart.. if you don't have that, you'll feel that all the directions given by Allah and the Prophets sounds hard to do.. 5 times prayers, fasting and others.. but once you find the love, you know why you're doing it and you'll embrace it.. so i can give all my credit to my family for whom i become today (the good in me) .. and the bad in me, is all my bad judgement and decision in life.. ;)


Today is also the first day i stayed at my apartment.. my new apartment .. it's a small place, and i always look at it as a big room, rather than small apartment.. so as a room, i don't have a kitchen.. not enough place to put my stuff .. and very limited area for any activities.. but deep inside me, i'm happy with the place.. it's mine!!!!!! my own place!!!! at the age of 35 (ahhhh now you know my age), i just got a place that can be call mine.. hahahaha ..

View from my apartment.. nice isn't it?? :D

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman - Review

Storyline: 5 star (LOVE It!!!!)

I love fairy tale movies as it always have a happy ending.. we need that in our life, or at least for me..  to feel that everything will be ok in the end.. i once heard a say:

"If it still not ok, it still not the end yet"

Or something like that.. hahahha you know what I mean.. you get it, right?

Taken from Google Image search
Anyway, last night I had a chance to watch the movie with office friends and it was not disapointing at all .. love every part in the movie, none of the time I felt bored.. 

However, the only thing that came into my mind during the whole movie, Kirsten is too "Bella" in twilight .. her acting as Bella in Twilight series was perfect.. someone fragile, sweet, clumsy, prone to accident... but in this movie, she was suppose to be someone sweet but strong.. and for me, she failed as Snow White.. she's pretty like snow white, no doubt about that, but she doesn't have the strong will inside her.. and the way she breath, OMG.. so "BELLA!!!!" .. not suitable for this movie at all ...

Snow White character is too heavy for her... (Taken from Google Image search)    
Taken from Google Search Image
The rest were superb.. love Charlize Theron and her evil, yet sad eyes .. it makes me wonder why she has those sad eyes, and the question answered when they showed her child's flashback..but Revenge will never be a good option Revenna.. remember that.. :D

Taken from Google Search Image
 and who can deny the macho man, Mr Chris Hemsworth himself ... he's worth it.. hahahaa

It's a PG13 movie in Malaysia, meaning, Parents Guide 13 and below.. above 13, hope they can think for themselves already.. but kids below 13 might ask lots of questions because this movie is nothing like they read in their Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.. but the main characters were there, Snow White, the evil Step Mother (the Queen), the Dwarfs and of course, the mirror ... only this mirror had a 3D effect.. hahahahaa
Taken from google search
If I'm a parent, I might want my kids to remember Snow White as in the kids book.. less complicated.. hahahaa

Overall, love the movie, enjoyed the night.. thanks to my friends for the company.. :)O