Monday, 3 June 2013

New dream - AMERICA

It's been years I didn't go to America, or the states..

So this year, I decided to set my goal to go this the States again ..

Everything start with a dream.. this year..  to see New York or LA..

I like to go with MAS airlines (because of the Enrich Points) to LAX but New York seems a little more tempting at this moment.. MAS Airlines does not have direct flights to New York..

SO: I'm gathering information about this year trip.. NEW YORK!!!! (or at least as of now.. hahaha )

Plan to travel by 20th December till 10th January.. so I can use up both my 2013 and 2014 annual leave..


1.  Will go to KWSP to take out my monthly payment for my house .. at least I don't have to pay the house monthly payment for 10 months and save the money for my trip.. (but first need to get my Identity Card replaced - i misplaced it and it's gone missing.. arghhhhhh)..

2.  Raya bonus money will go to the trip saving as well...

Traveling Partner: NONE
 - Decided to go alone this time.. was in Houston before and US seems ok and safe to travel alone.. my long lost friend might come for a day or two to travel together..

Another SO: Part 1 in traveling is - DREAM. That's done.

Next : Info gathering and planning..

Wish me luck!!!